I have written many times about the huge damage done to the country's economy by misuse of the Afghan Transit Trade facility. Goods imported by Afghan traders are either removed from containers before reaching Afghanistan and dumped in local markets or smuggled into Pakistan after crossing the border. The government loses billions every year due to misuse of this agreement. Despite many attempts to force the Afghan government to stop this misuse, it still continues. The time has come to terminate this agreement and ask the Afghans to import their requirements from Pakistan or other neighboring countries.

I know that this suggestion will be received with howls of protest from those Pakistani patriots who think paying taxes is a heinous sin. Most of these people are in the northern province of KP, where most people steal electricity and gas and resist any attempts to refrain from illegal activities. It will be tough, but it's the only way.

It is reported that the government is planning to disallow the import of tires, black tea, home appliances and cosmetics into Afghanistan via Pakistan. This is not enough. If we are to live with the Trade agreement, Afghanistan should raise duties and taxes on its imports to make it very expensive for smugglers to loot Pakistan. If not, then the only way is to terminate the agreement.