I've seen it so many times: fat Memons popping off in their fifties and before the age of 60. Such a one (Abdul Wahid) died yesterday at the age of 50. Even though heart disease is common in his family, he chose to eat as much fatty food as possible, and of course without walking at all (unless it was to go to the bathroom). It was more senseless, considering that he'd had bypass surgery when he was only 25.

I knew his father and two uncles. First to go was Haroon, who couldn't have been more than 55 when he died. Another was Usman, who also kicked the bucket around the age of 60. His father Mustafa went about five years ago after suffering a massive heart attack. One of his sisters died in her sleep. Despite all the evidence that they were all at risk of sudden death, they chose to live as if they would live forever. 

His brother Asif is one of those who talks incessantly about how Muslims have strayed away from Islam. He does this while swallowing big beef burgers and drinking Coke or Pepsi. I won't be surprised if he too is buried in a couple of years.