Irfan Memon, a school principal in Malir (a suburb of Karachi), is accused of raping more than twenty five women whom he had promised to employ as teachers in his school. Years ago, I had written about Ali Mohammed Hajiano ("Rapist in a white Corolla"), who had kidnapped and raped thirty seven women. I don't know what happened to him. If he was sentenced to a jail term, he's probably free by now (if he ever went to jail, which is doubtful, as he was the son of a civil servant).

I can't understand how Irfan Memon raped these girls so easily. They could have resisted with all their might, they could have yelled at the top of their voices, yet they silently allowed him to undress them and do the unthinkable. Were they very poor and needed employment desperately? Didn't they know that being in a room alone with a man could result in getting them pregnant?

There are reports that he raped forty five women, but only five women have appeared and accused him of raping them. I saw a video clip in which a misogynist claimed that these women agreed to have sex with him when he promised to give them jobs. He also suggested that they were the type who would sleep with anyone for money. I doubt it. The poor girls could have been simpletons who didn't know anything about sex. Let's wait and see how the case develops.