I got the shock of my life when I woke up this morning and read a Whattsapp message from an old friend that he has bladder cancer and has to undergo surgery tomorrow.  Even though Zahid Shaikh lives in the US and I last met him ten years ago, I can't stop wondering why he of all people should get this dreaded disease. He's never smoked in his life, nor has he ever taken an alcoholic drink. I suppose it must be due to the red meat that Americans love to eat.

Coincidentally, X (Twitter) posted this morning that three out of every thousand Americans (as well as UK nationals) will get cancer (for Pakistan this figure is one in a thousand, but I strongly doubt it, as most Pakistanis don't have regular check-ups and die while sleeping).

Zahid is the younger brother of Abid Shaikh, who died two years ago. He's a year younger than me. The three of us used to spend our teens going to movies practically every Sunday. Both brothers were highly gifted, both could write and play music beautifully (Zahid is an exceptionally gifted painter). I hope and pray that he recovers and lives a long and healthy life.