It's happened again. Nineteen churches and about a hundred houses in Faisalabad's Christian Colony were burnt down by emotionally charged Pakistani Muslims, who think that only they are the ones authorized to protect Islam. The question arises, why are Muslims in other countries not so easily brainwashed?

In Pakistan, the burning and looting usually takes place after a few pages of the Holy Book are found torn or burned outside the house of a Christian or a non-Muslim. Later it is found that some religious leader wants to grab a piece of land owned by the non-Muslim, so he incites his followers in a Friday sermon to attack Christians because someone has burnt pages of the Koran. This is enough to arouse his illiterate followers who go on a rampage, burning and looting the churches and houses. 

The problem, of course, is that the religious leaders inciting their followers are never tried and punished. Politicians make the usual announcements, assuring the minorities that they are safe and justice will be meted out to the perpetrators, but after a few weeks everything is back to normal. In the instant case, the top police official hinted that it was engineered by the Indians, to divert attention from their own mistreatment of Christians and minorities.