I've been in the UK for the past two weeks, travelling and enjoying myself with my grandchildren, which is why I've not been able to write much this month. I had been warned by my daughter not to discuss Pakistan's politics with Pakistanis living here, so for two weeks I refused to respond whenever anyone mentioned Imran Khan's name. But yesterday when I met five people who still think Imran Khan is a prophet who has been sent by God to save Pakistan, I exploded and told them exactly what I think of that nincompoop who's been in jail for the past two weeks and (hopefully), will spend the rest of his life there.

The big news yesterday was the discovery of a diary maintained by Imran's wife. She tried to tear it up when the cops arrested Imran Khan, but couldn't totally destroy it. What remains tells us how Imran was her slave, something which we already knew. It seems that he had no will of his own, and he was totally dependent on her in all matters, from his diet to how he should deal with his ministers and others. This had already been revealed by some of his ex-allies, like Firdous Ashiq Awan, Aun Choudhry and others who defected from his party. I had written on this blog about her influence on him, and I had expressed the fear that she could order him to drop an atom bomb anywhere. 

She mentioned Chief Justice Bandial contemptuously, referring to him only as Bandial, as if he was her servant (which in fact he was). But of course the Pakistanis I met yesterday believe that the diary is fake. In fact, they are so smitten with Imran Khan that even if he confesses to his crimes, they'll think he's been coerced into admitting his wrongdoings.