Imran Khan has finally been convicted in what is an open and shut case. There are other cases against him which should have been decided long ago, but our justice system being highly corrupt, he has always successfully evaded conviction. 

Imran apparently thought he could buy all the judges in our courts. There is enough reason to suspect that he's been paying many judges to grant him bail and postpone his cases indefinitely. Now that he's been convicted in one case and has been arrested, the other cases will soon be decided and he faces a long time in jail. 

As expected, there has been no reaction from his supporters to his arrest. If there are no protests, Imran Khan will finally be convinced that he is no longer popular. After a few days in jail, he will reach a deal with the establishment and fly to Saudi Arabia, where he will spend the next five years in exile. He said yesterday that he's willing to talk with those whom he's been calling thieves and looters. Perhaps he knew he was going to be convicted and arrested. 

I hope his wife turns against him and sues for divorce. She might even testify that she didn't benefit from the loot and plunder, and everything was done by Imran himself. That will be the ultimate irony.