Arif Alvi is the only Pakistani politician I have known. Before he entered politics, he was a dentist. But I never got treated by him. It's because of his half-brother Mujeeb that I got to know him. Mujeeb was running one of the largest sea salt works in the country. When I bought Grax Salt Works he was incensed, He had wanted it for himself, and he had even spent money to get it closed (but I won't go into details of that right now).

Arif Alvi was a dominant and vocal member of Imran Khan's party (PTI) before it was helped to win a rigged election to get into power, Naturally, Imran Khan saw that Arif Alvi was not to be trusted (as he is a non-Punjabi from Karachi), so he made him the president of the country where he didn't have to do anything but sign whatever papers were sent to him. That was okay as long as Imran was the prime minister. Alvi should have been very careful now that Iman is in jail, but unfortunately for him, he gave his consent to two controversial bills that will get Imran and some of his supporters sentenced to jail terms. The two bills were the Official Secrets Act and the Army Act which could be used to hang Imran Khan for his role in the May 9 attacks on army installations.

It's not clear what really happened. Alvi says he didn't sign the two bills, he asked his staff to return the two bills to parliament within the stipulated ten days. He asked his party members to forgive him for what happened. The question is, if his assistants didn't do what he told them to do, why ask Imran for forgiveness? He should ask the FIA to arrest those of his staff members who didn't comply. The fact that he doesn't want to do that means he either signed the bills or that he didn't ask them to send the bills back to parliament. So the bills automatically became the law after ten days.

Whatever the truth, it's clear that Arif Alvi should resign and go home.