I have never understood why Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial is so blatantly partial towards Imran Khan. He has only 20 days before he retires, so he should refrain cases pertaining to the biggest looter of the country, yet he personally hears every case where Iman Khan is involved.

By now, even Imran Khan's staunchest supporters should have been convinced that he's a big crook. But it seems Bandial thinks the crook is a saint. Yesterday he openly declared that Khan has not had a fair trial in the Tosha Khana case, even though it is evident that Imran and his wife looted the country by selling the gifts without paying for them the required amounts.

We know that Bandial is influenced by his mother-in-law (who, like most deluded fashionable Pakistani women, believes that Imran Khan alone can save Pakistan from disintegrating).

Even if Bandial succeeds in getting Imran Khan out of jail, the latter has so many cases pending against him that he will have to spend at least another six months in jail. I hope stays there for the rest of his life.