We shouldn't be surprised that the protests against rising electricity prices are happening in KP (which has been ruled by Imran Khan's party for ten years). The majority of Pakistan's problems are caused by the people of KP, where gas and electricity theft is rampant, and smuggling has caused many factories throughout the country to close down.

In the rest of the country, people have been protesting also. The federal government will have to relent and give relief to the poor and middle class people, otherwise there will be a complete collapse. One way to raise more taxes is to impose more taxes on the rich, like feudal lords, smugglers and property mafia. But since they are the ones who rule over us, it's highly unlikely that they will agree. The government should also crack down on electricity and gas thieves.

The situation is hopeless. If the middle class continues to be taxed heavily, the country may disintegrate.