There's something about our judiciary that puzzles me. They have always treated Imran Khan as if he's a modern day prophet. It seems that the man can get away with anything. If any other person had done half of what he's done, that person would have been hanged by now. Attacking the courts and army installations, throwing petrol bombs at the police, setting fire to vehicles, looting the country, you name it, there is nothing illegal that Imran Khan has not done, yet he continues to be free.

I believe that instead of Imran Khan, those judges who've refrained from sentencing him should be dismissed and tried for treason.

In the latest move, first the chief justice of the apex court himself declared that Imran Khan should not have been sentenced. So how could one expect a lower court to retain the sentence? As expected, this is exactly what happened. Imran Khan will now be freed on bail and probably he will leave the country to escape punishment, unless the state arrests him for other crimes in which he faces jail terms.