The situation in Pakistan is very bad. Every day the rupee's value  is depreciating, it's now even lower than the Sri Lankan currency. Prices of shares on the Stock Exchange are their lowest. The country is on the verge of collapse. Protests against high electricity prices have paralyzed the country. Unless a miracle occurs, Pakistan may disintegrate, as it did in 1971.

But apparently those who rule over this benighted nation are not aware of the critical position the country is in. Government servants (both retired and serving) still get free electricity, petrol and gas, causing a huge loss to the exchequer.

Even Imran Khan's servant (President Arif Alvi) is so shameless that he has asked that his salary be raised by 33 percent! He's being paid Rs. 800,000 p.m., but apparently that is not enough, despite getting free electricity, petrol and everything else. He wants his salary to be increased to Rs.1.29 million before he leaves office, knowing that the state will have to pay this amount until he and his wife are both dead.

A revolution is required to put the country back on track. This country will not survive if those who rule over us continue looting and plundering.