The most heavily rigged election in Pakistan was the one held in 2018, when the entire establishment ganged up to ensure that Imran Khan's party would win. It increasingly appears that the election in 2023 will also be heavily rigged, but this time to ensure that Imran Khan's party is sidelined. It will indeed be bad for the country if this happens.

A recent poll showed that Imran Khan's popularity is at an all-time low of only three percent, compared to Nawaz Sharif's seventy percent. The same survey found that Bilawal Bhutto's popularity is five percent (in Punjab), while that of Maryam Nawaz is eighteen percent. Of course, this poll may not really reflect reality, but now it's evident that in Punjab at least, Imran Khan is wiped out. The defection of many PTI stalwarts in KP also proves that he has no chance of winning in that province.

So there is no reason for the establishment to indulge in rigging the 2023 polls, considering that Imran Khan's party has disintegrated and he has very little support in the masses.