I always knew Nawaz Sharif is an idiot, but even I did not ever suspect he'd go so far as to prove it. The current government is scheduled to step down next month and hand over power to an interim set-up for which a neutral caretaker prime minister is to be appointed (after consultations with other parties). But Nawaz Sharif is adamant that the current finance minister Ishaq Dar (who is also his close relative) should be the prime minister in the interim set-up.

It stands to reason that the caretaker prime minister (like the Chief Election Commissioner) should be someone from a neutral background. He should not be a minister in the current government, and he should preferably be a non-political person. Yet Nawaz Sharif wants a caretaker prime minister who is from his party and is his close relative. 

I wasn't surprised when the PPP came out and categorically stated that Ishaq Dar is not acceptable as caretaker prime minister. I hope they don't back out from this principled stand.