Imran Khan must be having sleepless nights nowadays. With so many criminal cases pending against him and his lawyers desperately trying to delay hearings, he now has another problem: mass defections of his supporters. Parvez Khattak, his former right hand man, has succeeded in luring away about fifty PTI provincial and national assembly members into his newly formed party (PTI parliamentarians). Imran Khan's party has practically vanished from KP, where it has ruled since 2013.

I was speaking to a relative who lives in Dubai and who was under the impression that Imran Khan is still very popular. I asked him why, if Imran Khan is really all that popular, the people have not come out in his support during the past fifteen months? Actually, his support was limited to certain posh districts where his female supporters live. The thousands that were seen in his rallies were there because they got free biryanis and cold drinks.

Parvez Khattak also revealed what everyone has suspected for a long time. Imran Khan never took decisions himself, he always acted upon his wife's diktat. The government proposed four dates for general elections, but Imran Khan's wife calculated that he would not be able to win if elections were held on those dates. The whole world must be laughing at his antics now. 

The ultimate irony of course would be Imran Khan blaming his wife for all his mistakes and failures. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens.