The shameless Chief Justice Bandial must be passing sleepless nights nowadays. A huge crowd has collected outside the Supreme Court to demand his resignation. He was due to issue a contempt notice to the Prime Minister for not holding elections today, but it looks like he's changed his mind. The protest against him may continue until he resigns.

I believe this was the only way to make the masses aware of the terrible corruption in the judiciary. The common man does not know how much money has been looted by Imran Khan and his wife and cronies. The country needs to be reminded daily that the man who was certified as Sadiq and Ameen (Mr. Clean) is a greedy, shameless looter and liar. 

When the present Army Chief was DG ISI, he told Imran Khan of the rampant corruption of his wife and other cronies. Imran Khan's reaction was typical of the corrupt politician: he transferred the DG ISI. And when it looked like that the same DG ISI was going to be the next army chief, he did his best to stop it. He even circulated a rumor that Asim Munir (the man chosen to be the next army chief) is s Shia. When they heard this, the Saudis were so upset that they woke up their ambassador in Islamabad to confirm if this is true. 

Imran Khan will stop at nothing to re-gain power. The nation needs to be united against him. He should be tried in a military court for all the damage he's caused to the country and sentenced to death (or life imprisonment at least). 

As for the Chief Justice and his corrupt cronies they should be asked to resign immediately before they do further damage.