I remember how Imran Khan smiled when former Army Chief Bajwa said something to him. When reporters asked him what Bajwa had told him and why he was so happy after hearing it, he replied, "Bajwa said he's in favor of democracy". I knew then that a deal had been made between Imran Khan and the Establishment for rigging the 2018 elections.

This time, after the Chief Justice released him after saying that he was happy to see him and he should now talk to his opponents, Imran Khan smiled again when reporters asked him if a deal has been made. I'm sure the Chief Justice has somehow convinced the army chief and others to support Imran, and unless some miracle occurs, Imran Khan will be the next prime minister of the country. But then, he should remember what happened in his last tenure when Bajwa did not prevent his government from falling. It could well happen again.

Now that Maulana Fazlur Rehman has declared war upon the Chief Justice, we're in for more turbulent times. I'm reminded of 1977 when all opposition parties got together to topple Bhutto, who eventually got hanged. Imran Khan could well meet the same fate. If not, he may have to spend the next five years either in prison or in exile.