I'm filled with rage. The Supreme Court's effusive welcome of Imran Khan (a known crook and terrorist) has left me baffled. Of course we knew all along that he has some judges in his pocket, but what happened yesterday proves that our judiciary is highly corrupt. The least the apex court could have done was to hear the case after another two or three days, but it freed the super crook after he'd been in custody for only thirty six  hours.

The Chief Justice, in particular, should have realized that he is suspected of being fond of Imran Khan. The government should check the bank accounts of all the judges and their relatives/employees to see if huge deposits have been made recently. 

It is widely suspected that Imran Khan made a deal with the Establishment during the short time he was imprisoned. If this is true, it means that even some of our generals are scared of this man. I hope there are some judges and generals in this country who realize that the only way to save Pakistan is to keep this looter and anarchist in jail for the next five years. Pakistan's main problem is Imran Khan. The riots that erupted after his arrest and at his bidding prove that he has no love for Pakistan.