Finally, it's happened. The man who claimed that no "mai ka lal" (woman's son) would dare arrest him, found himself in police custody yesterday. Of course, if the courts hadn't blindly supported him, this would have been done long ago. But then, after a year of hurling false accusations against the government and army, he crossed the red line and the army's patience finally ran out.

I've always said that Imran Khan is a moron, mentally unfit for any post. He at least should have held his tongue before speaking. Instead, just before he was arrested he accused the ISI of murdering a Pakistani journalist in Kenya, besides saying that the agency tried to kill him twice. If the agency had successfully killed someone in far away Kenya, it should have succeeded in killing him here. But no, he and his supporters will never accept the truth. 

As expected, the payya jam (wheel-jam) strike call given by his cronies didn't succeed, and after a few incidents of burning and stoning yesterday, things are inching back to normal. 

I hope the courts don't release him. His overseas supporters will then realize he's not as popular as they thought. He should be sentenced to life imprisonment (if not death) for the destruction wrought by his party (at his behest).