Pakistan is perhaps the only country where people kill others for indulging in what is called "blasphemy". This can mean anything that differs from the opinion of the majority or saying something against religious personalities. It's become so bad that I now refrain from talking about religion even with relatives.

During the recent past, there have been many instances where mobs have lynched alleged blasphemers. The governor of Punjab (Salman Taseer) was killed not for uttering anything controversial but saying that the blasphemy law needed to be amended. Sometimes the victims are either Christian, Hindu or Ahmedi who are killed because their killers want their properties. It's so easy to do so, just tell a mosque preacher that you've heard them saying something disparaging about Islam, and very soon a crowd of emotional people set houses on fire.

The other day a Pathan mulla was killed because he he said he loved Imran Khan more than anyone else. This was enough to arouse those near to him and he was beaten to death with sticks. This kind of thing is shameful and the perpetrators should be brought to justice, but I doubt that will ever happen. No judge would risk his life by acquitting someone accused of blasphemy.