First, the former chief justice and his cronies permanently disqualified Nawaz Sharif for life on spurious grounds from participating in politics. Next, in all the cases in which Imran Khan faces conviction and disqualification, the present chief justice and his cronies have postponed hearings, even though the foreign funding scam first surfaced eight years ago. Just why are they so partial? Why can't they be just and fair? How can we trust them if they continue to fear Imran Khan?

The latest news is that Imran Khan has got a medical board to certify that he should not put too much pressure on his injured leg (sometimes it's the left leg, at other times it's the right one). This has happened after a judge ordered him to appear before the police. 

Recently, the ex-chief justice Saqib Nisar (a highly repulsive man) was in the news. It seems his son is taking money for doling out tickets to politicians for contesting elections. It's rumored that even Imran Khan didn't know that this was happening. Before that there have been several videos of Saqib Nisar where he's openly talking of disqualifying Nawaz Sharif.  This man also started forcibly collecting money for a dam which should never be built because it is in an earthquake prone area. Why should a judge of the supreme court concern himself with such things? There are thousands of people from whose salaries money was forcibly deducted and deposited in the dam fund. This man also didn't have the required scientific background. He used to pronounce the formula of water as H2Zero. It's amazing how he was able to pass the matric exam in the first place.