Thank God, my father and uncles never consumed alcohol in their lives, although they did have a bottle of brandy to relieve congested noses and chests. My father had two cousins (both brothers) who were avid drinkers. Both men died early, before they reached the age of sixty five. 

After many decades of alcohol-free relatives, I was shocked to find one who is an alcoholic. It really gave me a shock, because his father had been a deeply religious man and no one in his family had ever had a drink in their lives. This alcoholic relative is around 55 and has managed to become a billionaire by investing in property. I'd heard of him insulting his uncles and other near relatives while drunk, perhaps because he had helped them financially. 

When I became aware of his bad habit, I tried to keep him at a distance, although it was difficult. Fortunately he lives far away from me, so I used to meet him only a few times in a year. He used to respect me a lot because I had taught him mathematics. When he had been expelled from his school for running away with three class fellows, I was instrumental in getting him admitted into another school.

So it was a shock when he sent me a few audios on Whattsapp insulting me no end. I had no idea he thought I'm a useless man (because I'm not a billionaire like him). Actually, he's an ardent follower of Imran Khan and had been offended by a video I'd sent him about the psycho (I had stopped sending such videos to him and others like him long ago, but this one was so much to the point that I couldn't resist). 

Normally I would have ignored this personal attack on me, but I have blocked him from sending me any messages or contacting me. The reason is that the next time he vents his anger, he might do or say something to which I might react violently.