It looks like we're in for interesting times in the days to come. The Chief Justice who thought he was the most powerful man in the country is now having second thoughts. After he'd told politicians to agree on a new election date for Punjab within three hours or face the consequences (conviction for contempt of court), the politicos united and told him not to commit contempt of parliament. In the meantime the country's deep state released audio recordings of the CJP's mother-in-law discussing with the wife of Imran Khan's lawyer how to get Imran Khan the prime minister's job again. 

Another audio has also surfaced, this one of the former CJP Sadiq Nisar who is perhaps the main person responsible for the mess Pakistan is in today. He's the one who was instrumental in disqualifying Nawaz Sharif for life from politics. In the audio tape, he's heard advising Imran Khan's lawyer how to get Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif disqualified. No wonder, Imran Khan confidently predicted that this would happen soon. 

The CJP was supposed to decide on the election date and contempt proceedings today, but the two audio leaks have affected him badly. He didn't attend court yesterday, I wonder if he'll come to work today.

Whatever happens, these two chief justices should be tried and hung upside down for supporting Imran Khan by violating the Constitution repeatedly.