The one thing that most Pakistanis are scared of is impotence. In Urdu it's called "mardana kamzori" (male weakness). Walls in all small towns and many urban localities are full of posters about local healers who can cure impotence. There is a kind of long lizard which produces an oil that can cure erectile dysfunction if rubbed on the male organ.  For some peculiar reason, many insects are supposed to help Pakistanis become real "he-men" with the potential to sire fifteen children. 

One such insect is the black scorpion. Its price is usually above fifty thousand dollars. In Pakistan there is a thriving market for this insect. I don't know whether they kill it and crush it into a powder, or whether its venom is extracted. Some people believe it cures cancer.

I heard about a Pakistani trader who painted brown scorpions black and exported them to Saudi Arabia, where the males are also prone to premature impotence. The exporter became a millionaire within a short time, but his trickery was detected and I hear that he is now a wanted man.

Years ago, the Spanish fly (which was really a beetle) was considered a powerful aphrodisiac but in fact could be fatal. It caused a lot of men to become impotent. Nowadays the product marketed as Spanish fly is something else, it contains herbs and other stuff to cure impotence. I don't know if it works.