I was very happy to see a dejected Fawad Choudhry saying that he and other party stalwarts had not been awarded tickets to contest the forthcoming Punjab Assembly elections (if they are held next month). Even Shah Mahmood Qureishi and Hammad Azhar, besides Shabaz Gill (who went to jail rather than betray Imran Khan) have been denied party tickets. Why is Fawad Choudhry surprised? After five years of licking Imran Khan's boots, he should've known the man can't be trusted. He should also have understood by now that it's Imran's wife Bushra Bibi who holds the cards, and she recommends appointments and practically every thing else that has to be done by the party chief.

If Fawad Choudhry has any self-respect left, he should quit PTI (if not politics), but knowing that he's a shameless lout, he'll go on licking Imran Khan's boots (and also Bushra Bibi's) if he wants to get a ministerial post. He'll have to wait a few months at least when the national assembly elections will be held. 

There are other dejected people also, one of whom has publicly said he's no longer in the PTI. I'm sure there will be others as well. I won't be surprised if there are mass defections from the PTI in the next few days,