It's been happening for many years now. Mulla Popalzai (who should really be called Dhuppalzai) always announces the sighting of the Eid moon a day before it is seen in the rest of the country. He waits until getting confirmation from Saudi Arabia that the moon has been sighted there, and then he calls about a hundred of his followers, who swear they've seen the moon. What they mean of course is that they saw it last week, but since no one asks them, they don't say it, they just say they've seen the moon, and that's enough. A grinning Popalzai then says he will celebrate Eid the next day, even though astronomical calculations predict that it shouldn't be so.

I won't be surprised if one of these days Popalzai announces that Islam originated in his home town, the way he displays his fake religiosity. He should be stripped naked and hung upside down for his attempts to destabilize the country.