The northern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has always been a problem for the whole country. Almost all smuggling is done by residents of this province, causing billions in losses to the national exchequer. It's no surprise that Pakistan's chief problem creator Imran Khan hails from this province. 

The people of KP are supposedly very religious, even though most of them know nothing about Islam (this, by the way, is true of all Pakistani Muslims). They indulge in every vice and sin known to man, yet they will observe all the rituals of Islam without following the tenets of the religion. They will lynch anyone who questions their beliefs, they try to convert all unbelievers to their version of Islam, failing which they might kill him.

So it was no surprise when workers at the Dasu Dam construction site wanted to butcher a Chinese official who, they said, had told them that they were taking a long time praying. I can well believe he said it, although he now denies it. In Pakistan, when a Muslim goes to offer prayers, he usually takes more than forty minutes. This is because he goes to pee half a kilometer away towards the west, then he goes for ablution a similar distance towards the east. After which he takes a long time talking to those who are in the mosque. The compulsory prayer doesn't take more than five minutes, but then he offers more prayers because he knows that no one dare ask him why he does so. I remember a firm owned by a Tableeghi Jamaat member where the employees are penalized if they take more than ten minutes to perform the afternoon prayer.

Perhaps the Chinese companies having projects in Pakistan will now employ Muslims only to work in this country.