One would have thought the Chief Justice would have more sense and refrain from acting like a dictator in these crisis-ridden times. But no, like the military dictators before him, he thinks he has the ultimate authority to over-rule the parliament, even though half the judges in the apex court are opposed to his policies.

Yesterday, he and the opposing judges got into a fist fight. He constituted a bench to hear a case in which he is the accused, so he should not have sat on that bench. Yet he became the judge, jury and executioner. I never thought Imran Khan would be so successful in dividing the country.

Today he took another controversial step and asked the State Bank Governor to provide funds for the Punjab Assembly elections which he wants to be held in mid-May. This will exacerbate an already tense situation and could lead to riots, ultimately postponing the elections. 

Why do these judges like Imran Khan so much? Is he paying them to support him? There appears to be no other explanation. The whole country is going to the dogs.