I thought that I'd seen and heard everything until I learned that Imran Khan married Bushra Bibi because she told him he would become prime minister of the country if he married her on the first of January (2018). I have never believed in such superstitions, in fact I wrote an article once on the subject, terming it mumbo jumbo. So Imran Khan and his wife violated Islamic injunctions and got married during the mandatory waiting period of four months (known as "iddat") after her divorce. I doubt Imran Khan even knew that there is such an injunction. So she was easily able to convince him that delaying the marriage beyond January 1 would have prevented him from becoming the chief executive of the country.

I'm amazed that Imran Khan of all people is so superstitious. He is the one politician whom the people liked because of his looks and his education. One man I know says he voted for his party because he speaks fluent English. 

So I wonder why Bushra Bibi wasn't able to prevent Imran Khan's removal. If she has control over djinns and such things and can predict the future, why did she fail this time? Maybe Imran Khan should ask her.