Pakistan's Constitution has probably been violated more times than a woman of the streets. For some reason, we do not want to follow the rules or obey the law. Stopping at a red light is anathema to us. 

It all began with the Doctrine of Necessity when Justice Munir upheld the dismissal of the Speaker. After that, Ayub Khan imposed Martial Law and ruled over the country for eleven years, ultimately breaking it into two. Yahya Khan, the military ruler who took over from Ayub, should have been strangled at birth. 

After the dismemberment of the country, Zia toppled Bhutto and got him executed. Zia's death in a plane crash was followed by ten years of peaceful civilian rule, but Musharraf couldn't restrain himself. He seized power and again the country saw eleven years of military misrule. 

Even during the past fifteen years of civilian rule, the Constitution has been repeatedly violated, most recently when the biased Chief Justice handed Punjab to Imran Khan (despite Hamza Shahbaz being the victor in the Assembly). The present crisis is a direct result of this so-called re-writing of the Constitution by Chief Justice Bandial (who should be renamed Bunder Lal). There have been repeated demands by lawyers and others for him to resign, but of course that is unthinkable. No one resigns in Pakistan for his mistakes, as that would be unmanly.

Pakistan has always been ungovernable and will remain so for many more years.