The only good thing Imran Khan will be remembered for is how he was able to corrupt some of our judges. The judicial crisis we are facing is a direct result of our judiciary refusing to take any action against him for contempt and theft.

The present political crisis in the country is due to a deliberate and faulty decision by the Chief Justice himself. Even though Hamza Sharif had been elected chief minister of Punjab, the Chief Justice (Bandial) re-wrote the constitution and handed the government to Imran Khan's nominee. Today Bandial pretends to respect the Constitution, forgetting that he himself violated it in the recent past. 

He got emotional yesterday, saying that he could not endure the persecution of his brother judges by politicians and the media. He did not shed tears when his brother judge Qazi Faez Issa was being hounded by former prime minister Imran Khan.

Despite calls to hear the election delay case by a full bench, he stuck to his stand and formed a five member bench, which was reduced to three members owing to the resignation of two honest judges. He has threatened use the army to enforce his illegal decision to hold elections on April 30.

The government should investigate why the chief justice and two other judges are favoring Imran Khan,