What is happening in Lahore today is eerily similar to what happened in the Lal Masjid fiasco, when many people were killed due to terrorists inside the mosque. Today, unless a miracle occurs, Imran Khan will either be arrested or killed. 

The Punjab government has claimed that Imran Khan has given shelter to thirty or forty die-hard terrorists of his party, those who were involved in the arson attacks in Lahore last week. There appears to be some truth in this, as Imran Khan did not attend court this morning. Perhaps the terrorists have made him a hostage.

I'm surprised that some businessmen are trying to negotiate a peace deal between the army and Imran Khan. How can the generals talk to someone who is clearly a psycho, a mad man who doesn't give a damn for the country, a man who has done so much damage to the nation? 

The man is out of his senses. He sincerely believes that the army chief is not talking to him because of his fear that he will be sacked once Imran Khan returns to power. He conveniently forgets his statements against the army over the past year. Imran Khan simply forgets what he's said in the past, or maybe he thinks that all of us are fools.

And to top it all, he has disowned the arrested men and women, saying that they have nothing to do with his party, only the dead ones were his followers and they were killed, not because they were indulging in burning property, but because they just happened to be there protesting his arrest. This is the height of ingratitude.