Now that his cronies are leaving the party like rats on a sinking ship, Imran Khan is desperately trying to avoid a trial by a military court. He's even appealed to US lawmakers to save him. He knows that only the army chief stands in his way and he will do his utmost to persuade the latter to forgive and forget.

It won't be that easy. Imran Khan has maligned the army and its chief so many times that if he's not punished, people will think that he's bribed the army chief as well. There are rumors that most army officers are highly offended at the recent riots of burning by Imran's goons. I'm personally against his trial in a military court, but with the civil courts so openly favoring him and giving him bail in all cases that only a military court trial is the option.

There are rumors that a delegation of businessmen met Imran Khan recently, perhaps to persuade him to sign a deal with the government and leave the country. That will be the mother of all ironies. 

But then, how can you trust a psychopath to keep his word? Imran Khan may agree to quit politics and live abroad for the next ten years, but you never know, he's a compulsive liar and has taken many U-turns. I only hope that the authorities realize that he cannot be trusted.