I've been asking Imran Khan's die-hard supporters why they were not able to see that the man is not mentally stable, but they still maintain he's the best thing for Pakistan. I mean, I can understand why his corruption and allegedly homosexual activities did not affect his followers, probably because they think most Pakistanis are like that. But anyone could see, from his speeches and abnormal behavior, that the man would do anything to remain in power, even if that meant dropping a couple of atom bombs on those places where his party didn't win. And the way he's behaved, blaming the former and current army chief for his mistakes should have convinced them that he's a security risk. But despite all this, they continue to sing his praises.

"He was removed from power because he was going to expose the corruption of the Establishment", is the favorite explanation of those who support him.

"He made all those mistakes (like dissolving the assemblies) because the army chief told him to do so". That is enough to prove that he is very stupid and unfit to govern the country.

But perhaps the most bizarre explanation was given by an engineer I've known for fifty years. According to him, "The generals realized that they couldn't control both Zardari and Nawaz Sharif so they rigged the 2018 elections and brought in Imran Khan with a slim majority to maintain their grip on the country". 

Historians will wonder why Imran Khan's supporters were so stupid.