Since May 12, my followers have been denied access to my blog. I do not know the reason, but as I have not been well for the past two weeks, I've not been able to contact Google for the blockade. 

I have a strong suspicion that my tirade against Imran Khan has irked some of his supporters and they have complained to Google. Or perhaps they've developed a technique to do it themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the reason.

In any event, Imran Khan is now history. It is doubtful if he'll ever be able to take part in politics in future. If he's lucky and the establishment agrees to let him leave the country, he may be able to stage a comeback. But it seems the army is in no mood for reconciliation and the lack of public support for Imran Khan after  the May 12 attacks has doomed him. If he has any sense, he should admit his involvement in the May 12 mayhem and ask the nation for forgiveness. That may help him escape imprisonment but it's doubtful if he'll ever do it.