PTI's wickets continue to fall. Not a day goes by without a couple of Imran's supporters deserting him. The most prominent one is Shireen Mazari, who couldn't endure being repeatedly arrested even after getting bail. There are others who gave up their party membership when they saw that there's no way Imran Khan can win his war against the army.

Imran Khan, of course, says his party members are being forced to leave. That may be partly true, but it's not the whole story. All his supporters must have indulged in corruption and other illegal activities while in power. Perhaps most of them had a share in the 60 billion rupee scam currently haunting Imran Khan. There are rumors of videos allegedly showing Imran Khan indulging in sexual acts with some of his cronies. Maybe the deserters are scared that a couple of such alleged videos will be released and then they will forever have to quit politics.

What puzzles me is why have these incriminating videos not been released so far? Both Hamid Mir and Rana Sanaullah have spoken about such videos, with Hamid Mir claiming that Imran Khan's political career would be finished if the general public is allowed to view them. If Imran Khan doesn't quit politics soon, it won't be long before the videos and audios are leaked to the public.