Imran Khan has succeeded in dividing the whole country. In his recent attack on the Judicial Complex in Islamabad, there were serving government officers who were arrested for rioting. Many judges are openly favoring him, particularly the Chief Justice, who is responsible for the chaos in the country today. If he had not re-written the Constitution by unlawfully helping Imran Khan's party to take control of Punjab, things would have been very peaceful today.

The Chief Justice (Bandial) is openly supporting the psychopath. He constituted a bench in which he included Justice Mazahir Ali Naqvi who is an open supporter of Imran Khan and is suspected to be corrupt by lawyers. Of the five member bench three judges (including the Chief Justice) have always supported Imran Khan.

Several audio and video tapes have emerged proving the corruption of our judges, yet Chief Justice Bandial is ignoring them. In fact, he said recently that such audio leaks do not prove anything. 

The Chief Justice is expected to conduct hearings against the Chief Election Commissioner for postponing the Punjab Assembly elections. It won't be surprising if he sticks firmly to his position of holding elections in 90 days, despite the chaos and turmoil in the country. Why doesn't he consider the fact that Imran Khan is mentally unstable and is bent upon destroying the country. As they say in India, "Our best friend is Imran Khan!"