The damage done by inbreeding is evident everywhere in Pakistan. Most people in the country marry their first cousins. After two or three generations, this results in people with physical defects throughout the country. In most areas, there are men and women who are cross-eyed, or deaf and dumb. I know a couple of families with deaf and dumb children, who again marry their first cousins and the number of such people has amplified. Another family has cross-eyed members.

In rural areas, the problem is magnified due to incest. Feudal lords rape the daughters and wives of their slaves. Perhaps most men and women in rural Sindh and South Punjab are actually brothers and sisters, though they do not know this. When they marry their first cousins, they have mentally retarded children with physical defects. Some upper caste Hindus do not marry their first or even second cousins, in fact they do not marry anyone from their ancestral villages. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in villages most men and women could be brothers and sisters due to the frequent raping by their feudal lords and their sons. 

I have a rich Sindhi neighbor whose driver looks like his brother. His father would have done what is normal in that part of the country, resulting in many men and women resembling each other.

Cousin marriages are banned by law in many countries. Pakistan and all other Muslim countries should also do the same.