The holy month should have started today in Saudi Arabia (because the Bohris started fasting today) but due to some reason the moon chose to remain invisible and so Ramzan will start tomorrow in the holy land. It may also start tomorrow in Pakistan in which case that cleric Popalzai will claim that all those followers of his who see the moon when it shouldn't be there actually did see it in the past. In fact, yesterday they were ready to swear that they saw it but when Popalzai heard that it hadn't been seen in Saudi Arabia, they went home.

A big earthquake struck Afghanistan yesterday but so far it seems no one was killed there but in Pakistan nine people were killed. What reason will the Taliban give for the earthquake striking on the eve of the holy month? Perhaps they will say it happened because of girls wearing jeans in Pakistan. Or maybe they will claim that Pakistan is not an Islamic country.

I like Ramzan because I lose my excess weight (which is only a couple of kilos) due to fasting. Another reason is that I get to work early, I don't have to wait for breakfast to be cooked before leaving for office. In school, the non-Muslims always wondered why Muslims did better than them in exams. I told them it's because we have more time to study, particularly in Ramzan. Those who don't fast say that it weakens them and they get sick, but with me it's different, I actually feel better.