Of course, we've always known that our judiciary is very corrupt. Until now, though, corruption was confined to the lower judiciary, and judges of our high courts and supreme court were considered to be honest. Not any more, thanks to Imran Khan.

It was obvious from the start that Imran Khan was being favored by the judiciary. His foreign funding misuse case has taken eight years, yet every time a date is announced, his lawyers are able to get an extension. His properties were legalized by the then Chief Justice even though houses of poor people were being razed at the time. Imran Khan has treated the judiciary with supreme contempt, and even today he's headed to the court with a very large crowd accompanying him. I had always known that money was involved, as Imran Khan's cases were always heard by two or three judges known to favor him. In fact, there were orders from the present chief justice Bandial that Imran's cases should not be assigned to an honest and upright judge (Qazi Faez Issa). 

The audio leaks proved that two judges are corrupt. One of them (Mazahir Akbar Ali Naqvi) has been found to own properties worth billions. The Bar councils of the country filed references against him and another judge, yet the chief justices included them in the bench hearing the case of fixing the date of elections. This proves that the Chief Justice is himself involved. 

Now the bubble has burst. Qazi Faez Issa and Yahya Afridi have raised many questions about the chief justice's conduct (or misconduct). Interesting days ahead.