The latest attempt by Imran Khan to destabilize the country has fizzled out. He wanted his party workers to court arrest and fill the country's jails (which are already full). This would create chaos as the country is already cash-strapped. At least this is what Khan thought. He actually believes that there are millions of people who would happily suffer while he continues to remain free.

It didn't turn out that way. Even though most of his followers are morons, even they could see that Imran Khan himself is desperately trying to avoid arrest in the corruption cases against him. In fact, his main concern now is to remain free, as he knows being in jail would cripple him and his party. His party workers knew that instead of offering to go to jail himself, he was asking them to do so. Being in a Pakistani jail is not fun. The seventy odd youngsters who actually courted arrest and put in jails will have to remain there a long time (maybe months). They won't be able to get jobs or banks loans as they now have a criminal record. I bet Imran Khan is not at all concerned about them.

As for the leaders of the party who courted arrest, just after spending one night in jail, they started screaming. They got their lawyers applying for bail and had no reply when the judge pointed out that they had themselves volunteered to go to jail. Parvez Khattak, Asad Qaiser and other PTI leaders in KP simply disappeared when the cops went to their houses and asked them to come out if they wanted to be arrested.

The shameless Imran Khan, however, actually congratulated his cronies in Peshawer and KP for trying to get arrested. The man evidently thinks all Pakistanis are morons.