Imran Khan knows that he is doomed. He's desperately trying to escape being disqualified and imprisoned. So his latest utterances against the former army chief as well as the present one need to be translated for his brainwashed followers to understand what he really means.

He said, "Chief of army staff Asim Munir is treating me like an enemy. If he doubts my integrity, he should look into it personally and will find that I'm innocent of corruption". Ha ha ha. He conveniently forgot to mention that he transferred Asim Munir when the latter pointed out corruption of his wife and his cronies. 

"I want to meet the Chief of Staff for the betterment of the country", says Imran Khan. By betterment of the country, he means that the army chief should ask the courts to acquit him in all the corruption charges against him. He also wants the army to rig the forthcoming elections so his party can again rule Punjab and KP. 

It looks like Imran knows he can no longer escape accountability. I hope they disqualify him for life and sentence him to a long prison term. But he will probably use his wealth to flee to London and live in exile.