Yesterday it was widely expected that Imran Khan would be arrested (including the moron himself). True to form, he had refused to offer an unconditional apology for threatening a lady judge. The day before, he had gone to her court (knowing that she wasn't there) and had told everyone present that he had come to express his regrets for threatening her (nothing about offering an unconditional apology). The court issued warrants to arrest him and his whole team panicked. Murad Saeed (reportedly one of his partners) called all party workers to assemble in Bani Gala where the Great Leader has his abode. His crony Asad Umar also threatened a backlash if the government arrested his guru. Maryum Nawaz wondered why Imran Khan is still free despite violating the Constitution so many times.

It was the Federal Interior Minister (Rana Sanaullah) that the present government is composed of many parties and he simply couldn't give blanket orders to arrest Imran (who got many opposition leaders arrested without following rules).

In any event, I believe that Imran Khan may become even more popular if put in jail. Right now, it appears that the thousands of people who attend his rallies are an indication of his immense popularity, but this is simply a delusion.  But to arrest him could make his brainwashed followers go berserk and damage property and kill people. This is the last thing the country needs.