I suppose we should've expected it. The Islamabad High Court didn't convict Imran Khan for contempt of court, despite the fact that he didn't tender an unconditional apology for threatening a female judge. This proves that our judges are still favoring this criminal and that they are scared to take action against him. Perhaps his threats to stage a long march may have scared them.

This is a bad thing for the country. Others have been convicted for contempt, one of them being a prime minister for much lesser reasons. Yousuf Raza Gilani was punished for not writing a letter to the Swiss court for re-starting the case against Zardari and the case became time-barred as a result. Then there were two others, both of whom apologized unconditionally, yet they were convicted for contempt of court. 

Last month, when Nawaz Sharif's supporters were being freed on bail, a Punjabi supporter of Imran Khan said that there should be no courts in the country. This, despite the fact that it's Imran Khan who had benefited the most from our courts until then. The election commissioner also bowed and again postponed the foreign funding case against Imran Khan, while not a single case has been decided against him. He's been sued for defamation by many, yet the courts have not yet had a single hearing in any. I'm tempted to ask that Punjabi what he thinks about our courts now.

Our judges have proved that they are terribly biased, if not downright corrupt. I doubt if we'll ever have an independent, corruption-free judiciary.