In recent days, quite a lot of audios have emerged proving that Imran Khan is a security risk for the country. There was one in which his crony Shaukat Tareen is urging a couple of Imran's cronies to sabotage the IMF aid program to Pakistan. If they had succeeded, Pakistan would have defaulted and its position would have been the same as that of Sri Lanka's. Of course, all this was done to cripple the new government, even though it would have considerably damaged the country. But when did Imran Khan ever care about what happens to Pakistan?

Another audio has surfaced, in which Imran Khan and his principal secretary are heard talking about the so-called cypher, which was used by Imran to claim that his government had been removed under instructions from the US government. This audio conclusively proves that the whole thing was a drama, a scam to convince the people that the army connived with the US to remove him from power. 

For a long time, we've suspected that Imran Khan is a pervert. His second wife Reham Khan revealed that he was involved in sexual relations with two cronies, one of them being Murad Saeed. But we didn't know if this was true. Now there is talk of Imran Khan having sex with males and since it is reported by TV analysts and others who have a solid reputation for reporting facts, I think it's true.

Imran Khan himself said that he knew his actions were being recorded by the agencies and he didn't mind it. Yet he did those illegal things. What more proof is needed about this man being an idiot of the highest order? It makes me shudder to think that this psychopath was in charge of our nuclear arsenal for almost four years.