There are many signs that the Establishment has resolved its differences with Pakistan's greatest moron Imran Khan. First of all, he has been granted bail in all the cases registered against him for inciting people to damage property, etc. Then there is the case of contempt of court against him for openly threatening a lady judge. In what appears to be the judges bending over backward to help him out, he's been given a week to re-formulate his reply to make it look like an apology and the chief justice Athar Minallah (his close friend) made it clear that once that is done, he will not be punished. Now the same chief justice (for whom I had a lot or respect until recently) has gone so far as to say that he and his court don't believe in contempt of court laws prevailing in the country. I wonder who made him the chief justice!

Now there are reports that the Establishment has agreed to Imran Khan's main demand to remove the present government and restore him to power through (what else?) rigged elections. It seems the present government will be forced to resign in January, followed by general elections in March. But how is that going to help? Imran Khan has said he will not accept the results of any elections that go against him. He has already threatened that he will force Islamabad into a lock down if he's not restored as prime minister. Surely the Establishment can see he can't be trusted?

The only way to prevent Imran Khan from regaining power is for the opposition to unite firmly, with one aim only: to prevent Imran Khan from winning. There is no other way. If Imran Khan wins again, the country will suffer so much damage that it may never recover. I fear another break up of Pakistan.