I've completed 78 years and I'm still wondering how or why I'm still alive. I've said before how I thought I would die before the age of 40 (due to my weak respiratory system). I spent my teenage years sneezing and coughing most of the time. I had nine nasal sprays, two in my car, another two in my office desk, and the rest in my bedside drawer. Even though the sprays were meant to be used only once in a day, and not more than three days at a stretch, I would spray my nostrils almost every hour to clear my blocked nose. For the past ten years or so, it hasn't been so bad, although I found out recently that the evo-haler I've been using for the past six years could have affected the working of my brain. This could be one reason why I keep forgetting recent events.

I still suffer from various ailments. I've got a very bad pain in the lower back and I have to keep moving a lot in the daytime to reduce the pain. There are days when I wonder why I take all the hypertension, blood thinner, cholesterol reducing and diabetic pills as I may not wake up the next day. As I've said before, medicines nowadays are terribly expensive.

Not only medicines, even vegetables and other eatable prices have increased due to the recent super flood in Sindh. For the next few months life is going to be very difficult.

The past year I didn't produce any published pieces (except on this blog). A few years back the then editor of Dawn called me and said they have to encourage young writers (particularly from rural areas of the country) so I should not send them any letters. I do submit comments on Dawn's website, which are frequently rejected, but occasionally accepted, like the one yesterday in which I supported trade with India to reduce the shortage of onions and tomatoes and other vegetables. 

I plan to continue my tirade against Imran Khan, who daily emits something new. Yesterday he hinted that the new army chief will be someone selected by the present government so he will not ask them about their alleged corruption. The man is proving that he's a certified moron. He doesn't know that it's not the army chief's job to investigate corruption, if it were, Imran Khan himself would have had been asked by the present chief about his own corruption. Unfortunately, his die-hard followers would gladly drink his urine if he asked them.