Yesterday was a day of shame for Pakistan's judiciary. The Chief Justice and two other judges of the Islamabad High Court proved that they are scared of a ruffian and a common criminal. 

Imran Khan was called to the court in connection with contempt for threatening a lady judge who had given the police physical remand of another crook, Shahbaz Gill. In the same speech, Imran had threatened two senior police officers. 

Normally, an accused in a contempt of court case (or any other criminal case) has to remain standing during the proceedings. Yet Imran Khan remained seated, talking to his two associates and lawyers, while the judges helplessly watched him. 

This was a case which should have been decided on the same day. Imran Khan had refused to apologize (people like him think it's unmanly to say sorry to a woman), so he should have been sentenced there and then. Yet the coward judges told him to modify his statement about taking back his remarks. They even told his lawyer to study the proceedings in three other such cases. I wonder why they didn't make a draft for Imran's lawyers to type out, so that Imran wouldn't have to publicly apologize. 

Really, I've lost all hope. Why these judges are scared of a common thief is beyond understanding. Already the judiciary is regarded with contempt by the masses. Not penalizing Imran Khan would further reinforce the public's contempt for our judges.