I cannot understand why many educated people think Imran Khan is the promised Messiah who will make Pakistan a great super power. There have been other Pakistani leaders who were also very popular, like Bhutto and Altaf Hussain (though the latter had followers only in urban Sindh). But never did those two command the kind of following that Imran Khan does. I've met some businessmen, lawyers and retired military officers singing praises in favor of the moron, and I can't understand why they don't realize he's a liar and a nincompoop. 

Even the latest revelation by the Financial Times about Imran receiving money from Arif Naqvi has had no effect on them. I can understand some fashionable women liking him (he is after all a very handsome man), but educated men being so emotionally attached to him is inexplicable. For myself, I have never liked any Pakistani leader (except the ones who were in the Independence movement, like Jinnah). I remember the hatred I felt (and still feel) for Bhutto and Altaf Hussain. These two men, besides Imran Khan, have irrevocably damaged the country. Imran Khan continues his diatribe against the Chief Election Commissioner, who may any day disqualify him from politics for being highly corrupt. Yet Imranians continue to love their leader.

I remember followers of both Bhutto and Altaf Hussain getting emotional whenever they heard anyone say something derogatory about their leaders. But when Bhutto was hanged and Altaf was exiled, not many of their followers protested. The same I suspect will happen when Imran Khan is sentenced to a jail term (as he should be).