The foreign funding case against Imran Khan took eight long years because he would either ask for postponements of hearings, or change his lawyers, or give some other flimsy excuses to delay. For some reason, Pakistani courts don't announce judgements immediately but do what is called "reserving the judgement". The Election Commission of Pakistan has reserved judgment on this case since over a month, but is reluctant to announce it due to pressure from the Establishment.

In the meantime, the Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial is desperately trying to induct into the Supreme court some junior inexperienced judges even though there are other senior and honest judges who should be made Supreme Court judges. Knowing that ultimately the decision to disqualify Imran Khan or not would have to be made by the apex court, these junior unqualified judges would help in overturning the ECP's decision to disqualify Imran Khan permanently. Fortunately, yesterday the Supreme Judicial Council over-ruled the Chief Justice and the junior judges were not inducted. But knowing our Establishment, you can bet that they will do their best to ensure that Imran Khan becomes the next prime minister.

With the entire opposition clamoring for the ECP's decision to be announced, the Establishment will find it difficult to delay it, particularly because the matter has gained international attention. The Financial Times has published an article today about the money transferred by Arif Naqvi to Imran Khan's political party (PTI). Anyone reading the article will be convinced that Imran Khan is a hypocrite and should stop giving lectures about Nawaz Sharif's and Zardari's corruption.